SEC Project / Riyadh / KSA

The Saudi Electricity Company SEC has renewed its trust in AQUATREAT by awarding the central regions’ power plant generation WTPs.

Our scope of work includes design, manufacture, supply of Mobile Water Treatment Plant (MWTP), following that operation and maintenance of the whole system for the next three extendable years.

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) Central Region have many power plants which in endless need of water. Mobile Water Treatment Plant (MWTP) plays a crucial role in supporting the existing plants. MWTP are required in seven power plants mentioned previously with different capacities from 800 to 1600 cubic meters / day.

This project plan is to keep boilers of high standard water for safe operation by supplying demineralized water with zero TDS.

A demineralized water treatment system removes impurities from feedwater entering a power station’s boiler, heading off scaling, corrosion, and other issues that can harm equipment and interrupt power delivery.

A power station’s primary objective is to generate power reliably and profitably. This makes it essential for power providers to invest in a robust, modern, and well-maintained demineralized water system to help make sure that the facility’s boiler, turbine, and condenser are operating well.

Raw feedwater coming into a power station contains suspended and dissolved impurities that, if left untreated, begin to concentrate, and collect in the power station’s boiler equipment to the point of causing scaling, corrosion, or other issues. A well-designed demineralized water system mitigates these outcomes by removing impurities before the feedwater reaches the boiler.

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