AQUAREAT staff is including university professors for consultancies, developing training subjects, modification of installation and equipment whenever is needed based on client requisition. Experienced engineers and chemists in the field of water and wastewater treatment plants are constituting the major part of our technical staff. As well as keeping close contact with specialists and scientists.
AQUATREAT chemists and engineers have wide experience in the way how to control the process of activated sludge treatment plants with all modern and old design models.
As they know how to deal with all process control parameters they can go through any troubleshooting schedule professionally and overcome biological problems that may born. Such biological problems are: Ashing, pinpoint / straggular flocs creation, foaming, biological froth growing, Denitrification and sludge bulking control…etc.
The staff experienced operation and maintenance of both aerobic and anaerobic sludge digesters well as mechanical sludge dewatering equipment.



Staff Experience

The staff experience is widely spread overseas, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Canada, Kuwait, and other African and Asian countries. In addition, AQUATREAT is having giant steps in developing Egyptian sewers and WWTPs in different governorates with the cooperation of American firms those are USAID funded projects.

AQUATREAT proposed staff to perform the EPC and O&M have wide experience in the establishment, developing and implementing standard operation job procedure, standard maintenance procedure, and standard financial, cost analysis, and budgeting job procedure.

These experiences were gained by practicing it through the cooperation with giant overseas corporations and World Bank, EU funded projects in Egypt.